How to Sleep on a Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress can be a powerful tool for sleeping properly but you do need to make sure you sleep on it properly to get the best results.

This is not actually as simple as one would initially assume. What are you actually going to want to do is take the mattress, bring it home, and then let it breathe for 24 hours. This is because mattresses arrive packaged up and condensed down. They need time to re-assume their original shape and size.

How to Open a Mattress Properly

So, here is how you go about opening up a mattress to properly make sure that it gets back to its proper shape and size for your usage.

1) Open Up the Box

Your mattress will have arrived inside a box in a lot of cases. You’ll need to make sure that you open up the box to use it properly. Be careful as it may well have fitted the box snugly during transport.

2) Take the Mattress Out

The next thing that you need to do is to take the mattress out of the box. However, it is vital that you remove it with the protective packaging still inside. This will help to protect it whilst you move the mattress around to suit your needs.

3) Move It Into Place

The third thing that you’re going to want to do is to move it to the place where it will be going. This is usually the bed, so get it placed on top.

4) Open It Up

Once you have put the mattress where you want it to go, open up the packaging and remove it. As a general tip, try not to use scissors, just in case you damage the mattress with them.

5) Let it Breathe

If you’re going to get the best results when it comes to this mattress, you’re going to want to give it time to breathe and expand to regain the original shape it was made in. You might find that this takes 24 hours. Don’t use it before in case it damages the mattress.

Final Thoughts

Picking out the right mattress for your use and then letting it breathe properly is vital for making sure that it does not become unusable or damaged on a long-term basis.

You will need to be patient with the mattress in order to get the best results. It can, of course, be challenging to try and get the ideal shape and size, which is why you need to follow our instructions as best you can.

It’s pretty important to let the mattress expand as necessary to get the best results. If you use the mattress before it has expanded, you can risk damaging it and that will shorten the lifespan.

We recommended waiting at least 24 hours, as previously mentioned, so it is important to take your time and focus on trying to preserve the quality of the mattress as much as possible.

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