How to Keep Cool on a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are known for being very supportive and comfortable, as the unique foam adapts to the shape of your body by responding to heat and pressure. However, memory foam is also an absorbent material and can retain heat, which may make your mattress feel hot to sleep on.

Many people enjoy the cosy feeling of being ‘hugged’ by memory foam. But if you do feel hot at night, particularly in the summer months, there are ways to reduce how much heat is retained by your mattress. Read our eight top tips to keep cool on your memory foam mattress.

8 tips to keep cool on your memory foam mattress

1. Choose cotton or linen bedding

Bedding made from natural fibres, such as cotton or linen, are great if you want to feel cooler at night. Both of these fabrics are very breathable, helping to keep your skin cool so you can sleep better on warm nights.

2. Try a gel memory foam pillow

Keeping your head cool with help your entire body feel fresher, so investing in the right pillow is a good idea if you get very sweaty at night. Gel memory foam pillows are infused with a refreshing layer of cool gel, which minimises how hot you feel at night.

3. Use a cooling mattress topper

Cooling mattress toppers or ‘pads’ are designed to regulate your temperature at night and minimise sweating. It’s a good idea to put a topper over your memory foam mattress to protect it anyway, so opt for a cooling one if you’re a hot sleeper.

4. Find the right bed frame

Memory foam has a solid structure, so it’s important to use the right bed frame to allow for better air flow, such as a bed frame with slats. If you have solid bed frame, it could trap the heat underneath your memory foam mattress, making you hotter overall at night.

5. Check your duvet tog

Your duvet tog could be the reason you feel hot when sleeping on your memory foam mattress. The higher the tog number, the warmer your duvet will be. If your duvet tog is around 10 or above, it’s best to swap for a cooler alternative. You can normally find lighter duvets with a 2.5 tog rating that are good for hot sleepers or in summer.

6. Use a fan in the summer months

When the weather’s warmer, you could try using a fan to stay cool at night. A simple desk fan on your bedside table is an option, which will keep your head cooler while you sleep. Or if you feel very sweaty at night, choose a floor or ceiling fan to prevent your bedroom from getting too stuffy.

7. Wear cooling pyjamas

It’s not just important to have cooling bedding – your pyjamas matter too. Choose natural materials like cotton or linen pyjamas to keep your temperature regulated at night.

8. Try a new cooling mattress

If your mattress is coming to the end of its lifespan and needs replacing, consider a gel memory foam mattress. These have the same cooling layer as gel pillows and will keep your body feeling refreshed all night long. You could also try an open cell memory foam mattress, which have ‘pockets’ inside that are designed to reduce heat retention.

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